Media Perceptions: Television Viewers Are Renters – Web Users Are Owners

May 15, 2009

Christopher Ming Ryan (The Way We Watch) on how savvy advertisers recognize the difference in the behavior of their television broadcast audience vs. their web audience.

NEW YORK, May 14 /PRNewswire/ — Christopher Ming Ryan, an executive producer of internal and external video marketing communications, published a feature that classifies television ad watchers as renters as opposed to Web users who react to viral videos like owners. As the advent of sharing media on social networks like Twitter become more popular, advertisers understand this split in audience behavior and dish up content that is quite different for both audiences.

The main subtext of recent viral ads by big advertisers is always, “Watch and feel good.” Wonder why?

Broadcast spots focus on customer benefits. They feature comedy archetypes (the Dad who is always a step behind his kids) that have a next-door neighbor feel. The spot is meant to inform with a little sugar to help it go down.

Last week’s T-Mobile web video with the Beatles “Hey Jude” and Trafalgar Square as a backdrop is a very different type of message. Web ads feature “happenings” and have nothing to do with features or benefits of the product.

The web user, acting like an owner, has an interest is increasing his online value. He does so by linking out content that does not include overt product pitches to followers and friends.

Ryan argues that advertisers on the web need this viral dance to occur after releasing a viral ad.

See the feature here: http://christophermingryan.typepad.com/thewaywewatch/2009/05/television-viewers-are-renters-web-users-are-owners.html

SOURCE The Way We Watch

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