Seattle’s Velocity Art and Design Teams With BongoUS to Increase International Sales

May 18, 2009

SEATTLE, May 18 /PRNewswire/ — A new partnership was announced today between Velocity Art and Design (http://www.VelocityArtandDesign.com) and Bongo International. This expansion by Velocity will allow online shoppers from around the globe to purchase from their modern collection of artwork and home furnishings. International forwarding by BongoUS will bring these products directly to the customer’s door.

Velocity Art and Design recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary online. Like many other companies, they had no problem embracing the concept of selling their merchandise overseas, but feared the complexity and expense of dealing with operational changes and potential fraud. They recently partnered with Bongo International (http://www.BongoUS.com) to offer their products to the international community. Bongo provides an international shopping cart solution developed to assist U.S. retailers with expanding their businesses overseas.

“We have always had international ‘fans’ of Velocity, but never had the infrastructure to handle complicated international orders or requests,” states John Tusher of Velocity Art and Design. “The BongoUS business model makes it very easy for our clients to arrange for their own forwarding of products out of the country, with big savings to them.”

Bongo International has a unique application that goes into the home page and shopping cart of any retailer looking to expand their business. The application allows the consumer to register for a U.S. address without having to leave the retailers site. Upon registering, they are immediately put through a detailed fraud screening process allowing the retailer additional visibility to the order.

“The tool we developed is implemented through a simple HTML link. Retailers, like Velocity have been able to expand their businesses to over 220 countries within an hour of implementing the process on their site,” states Gregg Unger, Account Executive with Bongo International.

“The implementation was seamless,” says Tusher. “My Account Executive, Gregg, was incredibly helpful, and our tech team was able to easily integrate this into our existing website. We have seen many clients signing up with Bongo through our links, and they have even started purchasing. We expect to see an increase in international sales monthly.”

Velocity Art and Design is a business committed to enriching lives through the life-enhancing elements of art and design. A comprehensive website, stunning Seattle showroom, and supplemental social endeavors, each in their own way promote the importance of creativity and quality. Home furnishings and artwork at Velocity embody standards of innovation and visual joy.

About Velocity Art and Design

Velocity Art and Design believes that the positive influence of art and design extends beyond shelter and encapsulates an entire style of life. By partnering with designers and suppliers who support these beliefs, they are further able to provide enriching experiences and inspiring products to their customers. Find Velocity Art and Design at http://www.VelocityArtandDesign.com | 866.781.9494 | 251 Yale Avenue North, Seattle WA 98109

About Bongo International

Bongo International is a premier provider of international shopping cart solutions. Through the use of hyperlinks, Bongo’s integrated application can easily be implemented on a retailer’s site, converting international consumers into fraud-free domestic orders. By providing a consolidation point for U.S. orders, Bongo can save the international consumer 82% off common carrier rates. Bongo International’s application is currently active on more than 250 U.S. retail websites. Bongo International can be found at http://www.BongoUS.com.

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