Zoosk Introduces Last.fm and Netflix Integration Into Online Dating Profiles

May 19, 2009

Zoosk gives its 30 million users the ability to sync movie and music updates with their online dating profiles, making it easy to find and meet others who share similar interests

SAN FRANCISCO, May 19 /PRNewswire/ — Zoosk, the world’s largest social dating community, today introduced the ability for its users to link their Last.fm and Netflix accounts to their Zoosk Date Card, making it possible for singles to easily share their latest movie and music picks with potential dates. Built using the Last.fm and Netflix APIs, the integration of music and movie updates to Zoosk Date Cards gives Zoosk’s more than 30 million users more opportunities to naturally meet potential dates.

“We continue to look for new and innovative ways to make approaching a potential date as natural as possible in an online environment,” said Shayan Zadeh, co-CEO of Zoosk. “The ability to share your interests in movies and music, updated in real-time based on the selections you make on Netflix and Last.fm, gives singles ongoing, relevant, and fun conversation starters. You can listen to a new playlist on your way to work or add a movie to your Netflix queue and meet someone on Zoosk later that day who noticed your update and shares your taste in music or films.”

Zooskers can easily link their Last.fm and Netflix accounts to their Zoosk Date Card by providing their Last.fm username or a link to their Netflix queue’s RSS feed. Once a user links their accounts to their profile on Zoosk, music picks made on Last.fm and movie titles selected on Netflix will automatically appear on the user’s Zoosk Date Card.

The growth of social networks like Facebook as well as positive word-of-mouth about Zoosk is driving rapid growth of the company’s user-base. Zoosk has grown to more than 30 million users in May 2009 up from 16.5 million users in January 2009.

Users can join Zoosk by adding the Zoosk application through Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, Friendster, and MySpace, or by signing up at Zoosk.com. Zoosk is the only social dating community that allows users to seamlessly connect across multiple networks, meaning a Facebook user can interact with a MySpace or Hi5 user, for example.

About Zoosk

Zoosk is the fastest growing social dating network enabling millions of singles to meet love interests and forge long lasting relationships. Building on users’ social graph and taking advantage of opportunities on social networks, Zoosk has created a safe, fun, and delightful online dating experience. Zoosk has quickly grown to a community of over 30 million singles from more than 40 countries around the globe, including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, and many more. Zoosk is based in San Francisco and was founded in January 2007 by Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr. For more information visit: www.zoosk.com.

About Last.fm

Founded in 2002, Last.fm is a free global music platform. Last.fm can offer music fans millions of tracks in every genre for free-on-demand and radio streaming thanks to partnerships with Universal, EMI, Warner Music Group, Sony BMG, CD Baby, independent aggregators The Orchard and IODA, and more than 150,000 independent artists and labels — without the need to sign up or download any software. As well as being able to access tracks for free — a service which has seen Last.fm become the fastest-growing free online music network in the U.S. — music fans can also share their music preferences by linking their media player to the Last.fm database. As a result, Last.fm can intelligently recommend songs, artists, local concerts and even other members based on their musical tastes. Last.fm also supports unsigned artists by offering them an unprecedented Artist Royalty program through which they can earn revenue directly from Last.fm every time their music is streamed. Learn more about Last.fm at www.last.fm.


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