HHK Entertainment’s Hip-Hop Kidz(R) Brand Takes Center Stage With National After-School Dance Licensing Program, Social Network Website and Film, Music and Book Offerings

May 20, 2009

Entertainment Industry Veterans Jim Green, Mark Bacino and Suzy Stone Target Lucrative Youth Market with Feel-Good ‘Any Kid Can Be a Hip Hop Kid’ Theme

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., May 20 /PRNewswire/ — HHK Entertainment, the hottest new triple bottom line mega-brand development company, announces the launch of a variety of new Hip-Hop Kidz(R) properties based on the firm’s trendy lifestyle brand for the millions of youths 5 through 12 and beyond. Developed by Suzy Stone, a national aerobics champion and dance instructor widely considered being the originator of hip hop for kids, and Jim Green and Mark Bacino, successful brand-building pioneers, the partners describe Hip Hop Kidz as “Zumba Fitness meets Kidz Bop with the potential of High School Musical.”

“If you’re going to expand your business in today’s economy, you have to be offering new jobs, you have to utilize and understand the expanding influence of the Internet, and you have to improve the environment,” Mr. Green, HHK Entertainment managing partner, commented. “Kids are the ultimate renewable energy resource and we are ahead of the curve as we launch new initiatives on the web and provide a credible, tried-and-true opportunity creating thousands of new jobs.”

To mark the global launch of Hip-Hop Kidz(R), HHK Entertainment has released “It’s a Beautiful Thing” a feature-style DVD, “Hip Hop Kidz are in the Building,” an original, kid-friendly music CD and a new Penguin Young Readers book series. To promote the dance program, instructional DVDs are immediately planned for production and updated dance instruction performed by innovative choreographers demonstrating the latest moves will be continuously offered to subscribers. To extend the Hip Hop Kidz brand globally, a new interactive subscription web site will be launched in Q4, 2009.

Although the appeal of Hip Hop Kidz is universal, the HHK partners say the market niche it addresses is under-served.

“While numerous programs exist in the $121 Billion after school market, none contain an inclusive entertainment component, or positive hip hop for kids,” stated Suzy Stone, founder of Hip Hop Kidz and partner in HHK Entertainment. “The timing for the national launch of our brand could not be better with the newest interfacing technology available on the web.”

Earlier this year, HHK Entertainment formed a strategic alliance with the International Dance & Exercise Association (IDEA) to target the expanding fitness industry, a market with 240,000 professionals eager to earn Continuing Education Credits and augment their incomes with fitness specialties and the chance to qualify new entrants in this expanding sector. With an eye toward providing opportunity and jobs in the neighborhoods where the program is offered, HHK offers licensed instructors multiple revenue streams from sales of branded clothing, instructional DVDs and other merchandise, including referring enrolled students to the upcoming Hip Hop Kidz website for monthly subscriptions, social networking activities and interactive games.

To provide a central social media hub for Hip Hop Kidz members, HHK Entertainment will be also launching a subscription-based web site later this year. Mr. Green said the H2KZ.com online community will be similar in nature to popular youth web properties Club Penguin and Webkins, offering both free and fee-based content. Club Penguin, a “virtual world” for children ages 5-12 with a reported combined total of 4M subscribers, was acquired by Disney in August 2007 just two years after it went online for $700M in cash and significant bonuses.

“As a merchandising vehicle it will enable kids to be able to search for Licensed Instructors in their hometown and purchase media products and apparel from the website store,” Mr. Green said. “Most importantly, they will be able to interact with each other in the various activities organized in their communities including charity events. “Kids learn in our program to give back and the discipline of dance is a way to have fun, work as a team, maintain a schedule and take stage.”

About Hip-Hop Kidz(R)

Credited with producing over 45 independent films, Mr. Green and Mr. Bacino pioneered brand building for the young Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, over a ten year period developing the platform for their billion dollar brand. Revenue on the Olsens’ Warner Home Video movies produced by Green and Bacino exceeds $30 million to date.

Harold Weitzberg has been consulting with HHK Entertainment during its growth process bringing his 25 years experience in the marketing, sales, management, publicity, merchandising, introduction and building of consumer products and brand franchises in the B to C and B to B marketplace. He has been responsible and involved in the growth and development of a number of high profile brands and businesses including Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (where he worked with Green and Bacino), Jane Fonda, Goosebumps, and Veggietales. Weitzberg will assume the role of COO of HHK Entertainment where future growth will include clothing and athletic shoe lines as well as national dance workshops and touring companies. The company expects additional merchandising opportunities through domestic and international consumer products licensing for school supplies, toys, etc. Further exploitation of the brand would result in a video game, a recording group, a reality or fictional television series and a feature franchise.

Ms. Stone’s credentials include certifications with both the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). As a continuing education provider for the International Dance and Exercise Association (IDEA), Suzy has traveled to more than 20 countries training thousands of fitness professionals worldwide.

HHK Entertainment, LLC, is offering investment opportunities: For further information, contact Jim Green 805-637-1966

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