Muzak Partners with RightsFlow for Mechanical Licensing and Royalty Services

May 21, 2009

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 21 /PRNewswire/ — Muzak, one of the world’s leading providers of music and media services for businesses, and RightsFlow, a provider of bulk licensing and royalty solutions for music services, announced a strategic licensing partnership today. This partnership allows Muzak to supplement its in-house resources and further manage its publishing licensing and accounting through RightsFlow’s proprietary mechanical licensing ‘FLOW’ system. FLOW will drive efficiencies in Muzak’s efforts to license, account, and pay publisher & songwriter royalties for US music distribution reaching over 100 million listeners daily.

“Partnering with RightsFlow provides Muzak with a proven publishing rights service that ensures our customers receive the highest degree of compliance in respect to handling rights for music and media services,” stated Jason McCormick, Director of Industry Relations for Muzak. “It’s vital that publishers and songwriters are properly licensed and compensated and in RightsFlow we have a proven partner that can supplement and drive efficiencies in this important area of our business.”

“RightsFlow is extremely proud to further expand our long-term relationship with Muzak,” stated Patrick Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer of RightsFlow. “We are excited to continue Muzak’s proud history and its ongoing goal of having industry leading solutions to handle its customers’ publishing licensing, accounting, and royalty needs.”

“I am pleased that we have such a strong partner in RightsFlow and to continue our relationship in this expanded capacity,” said Stephen P. Villa, Chief Executive Officer of Muzak. “Compliance has been and continues to be the foundation of Muzak’s licensing success. This partnership insures that such foundation is as strong as ever and, at the same time, further provides opportunities to efficiently supplement and expand content acquisition. During this important time in Muzak’s history, we are continuing to invest in partnerships and ventures that enhance the productivity of our business. We are confident that we are taking the right steps to position Muzak for success and to achieve improved returns over the long-term.”

About Muzak:

Muzak creates sensory experiences that reach more than 100 million people daily. Some of the largest brands in business trust Muzak to enhance their brand image. Muzak creates an endless variety of music programming from a catalogue of over 2.6 million songs and produces targeted custom in-store and on-hold messaging. Through its national service and support network, Muzak designs and installs professional sound systems, digital signage, drive-thru systems, commercial television and more. For more information, visit us at www.muzak.com.

About RightsFlow:

RightsFlow offers Mechanical Licensing & Royalty Solutions for labels, distributors, and online music services. We specialize in obtaining bulk mechanical, DPD, and ringtone licenses including streaming, tethered, and limited downloads rights. Our proprietary ‘FLOW’ system allows us to license, account, and pay royalties directly to the Harry Fox Agency (HFA) and the thousands of publishers not represented by HFA. Today, RightsFlow services over 1,500 labels, distributors & music services for mechanical and DPD licensing and royalties. Some of the many clients we service include marquee companies such as Muzak, E1 Entertainment (Formerly Koch Distribution), imeem, EMI Music, Tapulous, Active International, CD Baby, IODA, Audible Magic, YouLicense, Constellation Wines (Blackstone), X5 Music Group, Zebralution and Disc Makers, among others. For more information on RightsFlow’s services and management team, visit http://www.rightsflow.com.

    Media Contact for Muzak:
    JK Dameron, Communications Manager
    +1-803-396-3072 / jennifer_dameron@muzak.com

    Media Contact for RightsFlow:
    Patrick Sullivan, Head of Communications
    +1-212-202-8353 / patrick@rightsflow.com


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