May 24, 2009

Sources say thief robbed actor Bacon

Film actor Kevin Bacon unsuccessfully attempted to catch a man who stole his Blackberry at a New York subway station, sources told the New York Post.

The anonymous sources said the unidentified thief took the Footloose star's wireless device at New York's B, D and E subway station, prompting Bacon to try to chase down the fleeing criminal.

While the sources told the Post the 50-year-old actor called police after Thursday's theft, New York City Transit officials said no reports of the theft were made to any subway personnel.

The cell phone theft is nothing new for the New York subway system as New York Police Department Transit Bureau records indicate 37 percent of the 823 robberies in the system in 2008 were focused on cell phones.

But the theft of Bacon's Blackberry can be considered rare in regards to the celebrity phone numbers likely programmed into the device, the Post said. The newspaper said the phone likely contains the numbers of several stars, including Bacon's actress wife Kyra Sedgwick.