May 25, 2009

Parker: Marriage gossip is hurtful

U.S. actress Sarah Jessica Parker says she tries to avoid reading gossip speculating about the state of her marriage to actor Matthew Broderick.

Am I immune to it? No. Do I read it? No, Parker told Access Hollywood. That doesn't mean I don't have an inkling or that I don't smell it around me. "¦ It's hard because things are hurtful and things are shocking.

Parker admitted she and her husband were upset the surrogate who is pregnant with their twin daughters has become a target for the media.

He's furious, she said of Broderick. He's angry. It's shocking daily because there are daily if not more than daily incidents. "¦ As a parent, it's so interesting how differently you function when you have a child. I have a responsibility to somebody far more important than myself. I look (at my son James Wilkie's) face and I think he can't, he doesn't need to know about this. He doesn't need to know what's upsetting me right now. It does him no good. He can't help me. He will only worry.