May 26, 2009

Europe’s Jetix rebranded Disney Channel

The Walt Disney Co. Tuesday announced it will re-brand its Jetix channels in five Central and Eastern European countries as the Disney Channel.

Kid-driven, family inclusive Disney Channel is set to launch later this year in Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria, increasing the channel's distribution to 12 million households in the CEE region, the company said in a release. "Disney Channel will be localized for the market with programming dubbed in local languages.

Disney Channel series joined the Jetix CEE schedule last year and have helped strengthen the channel's position."

CEE is a key market for The Walt Disney Co. and launching Disney Channel is central to the company's strategic growth plan in the region, Disney's Giorgio Stock said in a statement. The performance of Disney Channel in Poland and the huge impact of the channel's content on Jetix have proven the demand for its kid-driven, family inclusive programming. We look forward to leveraging this demand, the power of the Disney brand and synergies with other Disney businesses to become the undisputed leader in the kids' TV market.