Global Creative, Media and Technology Agency LBi Launches Cutting Edge Social Movement for the British Red Cross in Support of Refugee Week

May 29, 2009

STOCKHOLM, May 29 /PRNewswire/ — The British Red Cross are asking people
to pledge their support to refugees by collectively ‘changing their online
status’ across all social networks, instant messenger and email during
Refugee Week (15th-21st June).

This is the first time that a charity has created an online movement to
pledge support and tackle discrimination via online profiles.

Refugees arriving in the UK are often labelled as a group, saddled with
the same “refugee” label and not seen as individuals. To highlight this
issue, the British Red Cross are asking us to sacrifice our online identity
by ‘changing our online status profile’ to the one uniform “label”, to
communicate the message of “looking beyond the label”.

LBi have created a film and an innovative social media toolkit to make
sharing this message and changing online profiles easy, compulsive, fun and

The campaign kicks off with a teaser film presented by Desperate
Housewives star Dougray Scott. LBi and Agenda Collective created this viral
film to broadcast the stories of refugees who have been helped by and are now
helping the British Red Cross. The film will be released on 26th May at
http://www.lookbeyondthelabel.org. This will be run in conjunction with an
email marketing campaign calling everyone to ‘change your online status’.

The social media toolkit will include a range of ways to change your
status tailored to each of the major social networking and communication
platforms including: profile pictures, instant messenger avatars, Twitter
hashtag set ups, a bebo skin, icons, blog badges and email signatures. People
can respond via Facebook, twitter, MSN, Yahoo!, bebo, blogs and email and
share this message with everyone across all social networks and video sharing

Dorothea Arndt, British Red Cross Head of Digital Media, said:

“Following the success of our digital campaigns last year, we have
substantially increased our investment in online, and social media is now a
key focus for this year’s Refugee Week campaign.”

The campaign will be the first designed to leverage the online youth
supporter programme (Red Recruits) developed earlier this year by LBi for the
British Red Cross. The Red Recruits will play a crucial role in using their
social networks to spread the message amongst their peers.

The multi-media aspects of the campaign will be supported with a poll of
public attitudes towards refugees, seeking to debunk negative connotations
around those who seek sanctuary in the UK, to be targeted at print media, and
Refugee Week events at Red Cross centres around the country.

http://www.lookbeyondthelabel.org http://www.redcross.org.uk

For further information or interview requests please contact: Sarah Van
sarah.vanpraagh@lbi.com, +44-7974217812, Mark Southmsouth@redcross.org.uk, +44-7982017868

SOURCE LBI International AB

Source: newswire

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