May 31, 2009

Zeta-Jones gets big payday for shampoo ad

Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones earned a nearly $6,000-a-second payday for appearing in a shampoo commercial, a company official says.

An executive with the consumer product company, Unilever, said the 39-year-old Hollywood star received $2.5 million for expenses and salary to appear in a mini spy movie promoting the shampoo Lux, The Sunday Times of London reported.

We wanted Catherine as we remember her in 'Entrapment,' all slinky and mysterious, the unidentified executive said, referring to the 1999 U.S. film starring Zeta-Jones.

That's why the advert was written as a mini spy movie "¦ . Pity you won't see it on British television. She looks pretty good in it, but that's the deal.

The seven-minute advertisement will only be aired in the Far East on television and in movie theaters.

The Times said the promotion has Zeta-Jones stealing Lux shampoo from a high-security facility in order to use the haircare product to give herself shimmering hair for a red-carpet event.