May 31, 2009

Suleman and her 14 kids getting TV show

The attorney for Nadya Suleman told Us magazine exclusively the so-called Octo Mom has agreed to star in a U.S. reality TV series. reported Friday that attorney Jeff Czech confirmed his client, a mother of six who gained national fame after giving birth to octuplets in January, agreed to deal for a new TV series with the production company, Eyeworks.

(Nadya and the producers) are hoping to have an arrangement whereby several events in the children's lives would be filmed in a documentary series, Czech said.

While no title has been picked for the forthcoming program, Czech insisted it will not be similar to the hit TLC series Jon and Kate Plus 8 that follows two parents struggling to raise sextuplets and fraternal twins.

Her television program will not be like the 'Jon and Kate Plus 8 show,' Czech told Us magazine. (Nadya) is looking forward to providing her side of the story.

Eyeworks will now search for a TV network to carry the series, Czech added.