‘Into The Pixel’ 2009 Art Celebrated at Special Jury Panel Event/Reception at E3

June 1, 2009

Digital art exhibition honors talented artists, their work created for video games

LOS ANGELES, June 1 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — 16 works of art have been selected from a field of more than 200 submissions from around the world for the 2009 Into The Pixel Art collection. In its sixth year, Into the Pixel (ITP) is the only juried digital art exhibition that brings together experts from the traditional fine art world and the interactive entertainment industry to display and discuss the art of the video game. Into the Pixel is a joint effort of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, the Entertainment Software Association and the Prints & Drawings Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The 2009 ITP collection will be discussed and celebrated tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2, during E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

“Into The Pixel is strong evidence that videogames are an integral part of today’s contemporary art scene,” said Joseph Olin, president of The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. “The talented artists, whose works make up the collection, demonstrate why interactive entertainment’s influences are so prevalent. The Academy looks forward to the continued evolution of our medium’s artists.”

“The Into the Pixel exhibition is the premiere event celebrating the creative achievements of computer game artists as selected by their peers, the public and the fine art world,” said Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO, Entertainment Software Association. “Into the Pixel provides a visionary platform that both elevates and supports the often artistic genius of the interactive entertainment industry.”

“I am impressed not only by the breadth of imagination and depth of skill but also by the fact that every year we receive many dozens of images that could rightly qualify for a place in the top 16., said Louis Marchesano, Getty Museum. “From the beautifully sublime to the ironically humorous– it’s all here.”

Art in this year’s collection features a wide array of genres, including landscape and anime to fantasy. For more information about Into the Pixel art, artists and jurors, please refer to www.IntoThePixel.com.

Into the Pixel 2009 Art & Artists:

    Name of Artwork    Artist         Game             Company       Country
    ---------------    ------         ----             -------       -------
    Snow Battle     Kekai Kotaki     Guild Wars 2     ArenaNet        USA

    The End of the  James Ellis      Shatter          Sidhe           NZ

    Construction    Daniel Dociu     Guild Wars       ArenaNet        USA
                                                      Media Molecule
                                                      Ltd; Sony

    Craft Cosmos    Kareem Ettouney  LittleBigPlanet  Europe          UK

    Chinese Bar     Stephane Belin   Army of          Electronic Arts Canada
                                     TWO: The 40th

    Over Hill, Over Matt Nava        Flower           thatgamecompany USA

    Radiance        Nicole Cardiff   Legends of       Sony Online     USA
                                     Norrath-Against  Entertainment
                                     the Void

    Enhanced        Chris Dien       Legends of       Sony Online     USA
    Steamsuit                        Norrath-Against  Entertainment
                                     the Void

    To The Moon     Lu Yang          Rabbids Go Home  Ubisoft         USA

    Night of The    Guillaume Menuel Rayman Raving    Ubisoft         France Zombidz                          Rabbids TV

    Dirk Dagger     Henrik           Dirk Dagger     Jadestone        Sweden
    Pulp            Oettersson

    Landing         Corey Butler     Halo Wars        Ensemble        USA

    Drink Cart      Luc Allenet      Wanted: Weapons  Universal       USA
    Pindown                          of Fate          Interactive

    Viper Caverns   David Guertin    Ratchet & Clank  Sony Computer   USA
    (Cave Concept)                   Future: Quest    Entertainment
                                     for Booty

    "I Think You    Mike McCarthy    Fable 2:         Lionhead        UK
    Knew My                          Downloadable     Studios
    Father, Sir!"                    Content 2

    Ford Pursued    Bob Nelson       The Conduit      High Voltage    USA

Into The Pixel 2009 Jurors:

  • Kevin Salatino, Curator and Department Head, Prints & Drawings, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Louis Marchesano, Curator of Prints & Drawings, Getty Museum
  • Glenn Phillips, Consulting Curator, Department of Contemporary Programs & Research, Getty Research Institute
  • Kiki Wolfkill, Executive Producer, Microsoft Game Studios
  • Jeremy Bennett, Artist, Valve Corporation
  • Jason Manley, President, Massive Black
  • Stephan Martiniere, Artist, ID Software
  • Peter Raad, Professor & Executive Director, Guildhall at SMU
  • Thomas Haegele, Professor & Institute Director, Filmakademie Bader-Wurttemberg GmbH

About Into The Pixel:

ITP has established itself as the one annual opportunity for computer and video game artists to receive critical review of their creative achievements by peers in the both digital interactive world and traditional fine art experts. The 2008 collection was recently displayed at the Design Center in Stuttgart, Germany, as well as the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. In addition, the ITP collection has been on exhibit at the European Festival of Art in Nottingham England, the Toronto International Film Festival, The Bradford Animation Festival, the San Jose Tech Museum, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the D.I.C.E. Summit conference in Las Vegas and The Cable Show.

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