GURU Energy Drink Evolves With Social Media in an Online-Only Advertising Campaign

June 3, 2009

“Clean Energy for Dirty Minds” Campaign Bucks Traditional Advertising Platforms With a New Tagline, Web site, Blog and New Social Media Channels

NEW YORK, June 3 /PRNewswire/ – GURU Beverage Co., a developer and distributor of 100% natural and organic energy drinks built on principles of wellness, health, performance, authenticity and living life to the fullest, announced today the continued roll-out of the brand’s “Clean Energy for Dirty Minds” video campaign, which picks up where traditional advertising campaigns have ceased. Conceived in collaboration with VIRTUE Worldwide, VICE Magazine’s in-house creation and branding agency in New York, GURU’s viral video rush features a group of lively friends stimulated by GURU and caught in playful acts of deviance. The new ad campaign is centered on strong, independent, creative, daring and playful characters that fuel on GURU for fun and fulfillment. GURU seeks to energize lives, inspire creativity, push limits and follow through on ideas with fresh online features.

“The ‘Clean Energy for Dirty Minds’ campaign compliments the GURU brand philosophy by viewing GURU as more than an energy drink,” said Ray Jolicoeur, co-founder of GURU. “GURU is the embodiment of a living ideal based on well-being, health, performance, authenticity and a desire to live life to the fullest. The viral videos have allowed GURU to bring together a whole community around this philosophy to life.”

GURU is making the shift into the ever-changing digital world, by becoming an emerging social network. As social media continues to shape how consumers receive and share information, GURU has chosen to reach its digitally-sophisticated consumer base through engaging viral videos distributed exclusively through new media platforms. GURU aims to organically grow a robust consumer base through digital word of mouth and cross-channel marketing. Completely revamped for the 10th anniversary of the company, the GURU Web site has become an online hub for those interested in joining the GURU lifestyle. With a touch of humor and a lot of pep, it features dozens of videos that capture the essence of the GURU culture, testimonials, and hot clips of product. The new GURU urban blog features up-to-the-minute reports on the arts, comments on the hottest international cultural trends, and shares progressive lifestyle tips key for developing an inner GURU.

To follow GURU’s new online presence and the “Clean Energy for Dirty Minds” series of campaign videos on mainstream social media platforms, please visit the following:

“We wanted to do something fun, sexy and full of energy to capture the essence of GURU,” said Spencer Baim, VIRTUE founder. “We found a great group of friends, served them GURU, took them round New York City and captured everything that happened. We had a lot of fun.”

In April, Kanye West became an equity partner and a member of GURU’s creative team. In addition to his role as an informal spokesperson for GURU, West will be involved in the development and promotion of a new GURU product.

GURU is available online through the company Web site, with free shipping anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, and sold nationally at Whole Foods Market, health food stores across the U.S., as well as 500 retail locations throughout New York City. A 100% natural and organic beverage, GURU represents a radical shift from traditional energy drinks. The entire GURU product line helps increase physical and cerebral energy levels in the following flavors:

  • GURU Original
  • GURU Lite (low calorie)
  • GURU FullOn Limonade
  • GURU Iced Tea Green Tea Honey-Lemon
  • GURU Juicy Superfruit
  • GURU Juicy Tangerine

For more information about GURU Energy Drinks or to receive a sample pack, contact Jennifer Fader or Amanda Bartz at (310) 854-8100 or GURUteam@allwaysmkt.com. Please also visit GURU online at www.guruenergy.com.

About GURU

Leading the energy drink phenomenon in Canada since the company’s inception in 1999, GURU Energy Drink was founded in Montreal by four health-conscious college friends who traveled the globe to research and develop an energy drink for healthy lifestyles. Born amid the rising appeal of natural and organic products, GURU Energy Drink is pioneering a new category with a unique combination of high-tech formulation and ancient holistic principles borrowed from cultures from around the world. GURU Beverage Co’s headquarters are in New York City.

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