Archerfish(R) by Cernium Featured on ‘Designing Spaces’

June 3, 2009

Washington, DC Area Company Highlighted on Home Improvement Television Series

RESTON, Va., June 3 /PRNewswire/ — Cernium Corporation, the leading developer of analytics-enabled video products, announced today that Archerfish(R), the first and only mobile video intelligence (MVI) solution, will be featured on the award-winning home improvement show, Designing Spaces. The segment, which features Archerfish at work in the home of an Arlington, VA family, will air nationally on the WE network on June 5, 2009 at 7:00 am ET and TLC on June 6, 2009 at 7:00 am ET.

Archerfish gives consumers an innovative, convenient way to keep an eye on their businesses and homes, no matter where they are physically located. Using a combination of video cameras, intelligent software and a custom web portal, Archerfish ‘watches’ businesses and homes for events users define as important, such as children coming home from school or an unwelcome intruder. Unlike other monitoring products, Archerfish does all the hard work for users by watching video 24×7 and pushing critical, visual information as events of interest occur. If and only when a defined event occurs, Archerfish notifies users with event text and video to their mobile device, email, or custom web portal.

“We are thrilled that Archerfish has been included on Designing Spaces. The segment gives viewers a realistic look at the benefits of Archerfish to both residential and business owners,” said Helen Shepro, vice president, strategy and marketing, Cernium Corporation. “Designing Spaces has done a terrific job of highlighting how Archerfish provides timely, relevant, visual information about the people and places that matter most to consumers, no matter where they may be.”

“Archerfish is the next evolution in place-shifting technology, enabling better lifestyle management, enhanced security and greater peace of mind,” said Debbie Shuey, product manager, Archerfish. “Designing Spaces gave us the opportunity to show how Archerfish can help consumers juggle their increasingly complex home and work lives and provide information that is critical to managing important events.”

Nationally televised on the TLC and WE networks, Designing Spaces has been recognized with numerous Telly awards for its excellence in production, content and entertainment, as well as garnered additional awards and media recognition through its advertising and publicity campaigns. In addition to its traditional home improvement-focused programming, the show’s producers have expanded the format to provide special-interest editions including Pet Spaces, Kid Spaces and Think Green.

About Cernium

Cernium Corporation is bringing video analytics technology into the mainstream with intelligent, intuitive and cost-efficient products for video content distribution, physical security and business intelligence. The company’s technology is a generational leap over competing approaches, providing outstanding performance and greater operational flexibility using a fraction of the computing power of other technologies. With its roots in the security industry, Cernium has brought advanced video analytics to scores of facilities worldwide. Customers represent markets from residential and small-medium business consumers to Fortune 100 manufacturers, government, health care, transportation, hospitality, education, entertainment and major cultural institutions. Cernium’s product portfolio includes Archerfish(R) (the first and only Mobile Video Intelligence, MVI, solution for consumers), Perceptrak(R) (video surveillance software for medium-large enterprise), and ExitSentry(R) (passenger flow monitoring for airport checkpoints and exit lanes). For more information, visit www.cernium.com or www.myarcherfish.com.

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