Mickey Rourke and Paris Hilton voted ideal older celeb/younger starlet couple

June 3, 2009

MIAMI BEACH, FL, June 3 /PRNewswire/ – Shocking older men/younger women celebrity couples are not new, although Bruce Willis recently married an unknown actress nearly half his age! Meanwhile, the relationships of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky, and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes continue to thrive with each additional anniversary. With this in mind, leading online dating websites Date.com (www.date.com), Matchmaker.com (www.matchmaker.com), and Amor.com (www.amor.com), polled its members to see who they think would make the ideal older celeb/younger starlet couple.

“Sex was clearly a factor with our male voters, who felt that Paris Hilton would be the perfect match for the man who steamed up the silver screen in 9 1/2 Weeks,” said Shira Zwebner, Relationship Advisor for Date.com, Matchmaker.com and Amor.com. “Women voters went for Hollywood glamour by selecting the debonair Jack Nicholson paired with the fashionista Kim Kardashian. While the perpetually tan George Hamilton and Lindsay Lohan weren’t far behind on the list, as highly ranked by both single men and women.”

In a new nationwide survey of thousands of online daters, we asked: 55-year-old Bruce Willis recently married a 31-year-old unknown actress. Who would you pick as the ultimate older celeb/younger starlet couple?

    Following are the complete results:


    Mickey Rourke & Paris Hilton         25.0%
    Jack Nicholson & Kim Kardashian      21.9%
    George Hamilton & Lindsay Lohan      18.8%
    Tom Jones & Miley Cyrus              12.5%
    George Clooney & Megan Fox            9.4%
    Robin Williams & Leighton Meester     7.8%
    Samuel L. Jackson & Camilla Belle     6.3%


    Jack Nicholson & Kim Kardashian      41.7%
    George Hamilton & Lindsay Lohan      25.0%
    Mickey Rourke & Paris Hilton         20.8%
    George Clooney & Megan Fox           16.7%
    Robin Williams & Leighton Meester    12.5%
    Tom Jones & Miley Cyrus               8.3%
    Samuel L. Jackson & Camilla Belle     4.2%

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