Comprehensive Review on Sulfonylureas in the Latest Issue of Diabetic Hypoglycemia (05 June 2009)

June 4, 2009

LONDON, June 4 /PRNewswire/ — The latest issue of the online journal
Diabetic Hypoglycemia (http://www.hypodiab.com) features an authoritative
review on sulfonylureas by Professor Ian Campbell, a leading expert in oral
hypoglycemia therapy.

Professor Campbell’s review focuses on sulfonylurea-induced hypoglycemia
(SIH), which is a well-recognized side-effect of this class of therapy for
type 2 diabetes. In the review he discusses the incidence of SIH, with
particular reference to the different sulfonylureas. He also reflects on the
morbidity and mortality seen with SIH, precipitating risk factors, treatment
of SIH, and education of patients and medical staff in the prevention of SIH.

This issue of Diabetic Hypoglycemia also includes a case study on
recurring hypoglycemia associated with glibenclamide, by Professor Campbell.

Dr Rory McCrimmon of the Editorial Board reviews the literature on blood
glucose monitoring in hypoglycemia, in an editorial entitled ‘What we’re
learning from continuous glucose monitoring.’

This issue of Diabetic Hypoglycemia also features an ‘In profile’
interview with Professor Stephanie Amiel, a leading expert in the use of
neuroimaging in diabetes and hypoglycemia.

About the Journal

Diabetic Hypoglycemia is an influential online diabetes journal. The
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Christopher Ryan (Pittsburgh, USA) and Dr Rory McCrimmon (Yale, USA).
Diabetic Hypoglycemia is published three times a year, providing an
interactive forum for readers to share practical knowledge and opinions on
the rapidly evolving field of hypoglycemia.

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