June 6, 2009

Lithuania celebrating Days of Russia

A Russian Embassy official says Lithuania is honoring the Days of Russia with weeks of celebratory events.

Tatiana Shlychkova, the Russian Embassy in Lithuania's minister-counselor, said Saturday's 7-hour gala concert in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius will represent the start of scores of Days of Russia events that will last until June 21.

The festivities, which will last until June 21, are held in Lithuania for the seventh time. Interest in them grows from one year to the next both among music and dance groups and among the public, Shlychkova told ITAR-TASS.

Among those expected to take part in Saturday's celebrations are Lithuanian opera singer Virgilius Noreiko and the Lithuanian league of the Club of Merry and Witty People.

Eurovision-2009 contestants Peter Yelfimov and Sasha Son are also expected to take part in the Sereikisku Park festivities.

There were so many artists wishing to take part in the festival, that we could not include in the program all of them, Shlychkova told ITAR-TASS.