June 7, 2009

Research: Bond prefers dark-haired women

Blondes may have more fun -- just not with fictional British superspy James Bond, who researchers found prefers dark-haired women for his romantic liaisons.

Cleveland State University communications Professor Kimberly Neuendorf said by studying the 195 female characters in the first 20 James Bond films her research group also determined the fictional hero also tended to sleep with young and attractive women, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

The research team analyzed the characteristics of the 195 characters taken from Bond films, ranging from 1962's Dr. No to 2002's Die Another Day. Team members then compared the characteristics of the 97 females Bond did not sleep with to the 98 with whom he had romantic liaisons.

The study found only 27 percent of Bond's romantic partners were blondes, while 40 percent had black hair, 19 percent had brown hair and 9 percent were redheads. The average age for Bond's sexual conquests was estimated to be 26. The team didn't report the color hair for the remaining 5 percent.

The Telegraph said, citing the study, the more attractive a female character was, the more likely Bond would invite her into his bed.