June 7, 2009

Tolstoy relative facing uncertain times

Alexandra Tolstoy, a distant relative of famed Russian author Leo Tolstoy, is struggling with a newborn while divorcing her husband, a family friend says.

The family friend, whose identity was not reported, said the 35-year-old TV presenter is facing an awkward divorce following the birth of her first child, The Telegraph on Sunday said.

It is a very complicated situation, the friend said. Everyone is just being as supportive as they can, but splitting up with your husband at the same time as you have a baby could not be worse. It may be an awkward divorce.

Tolstoy, whose late distant relative wrote the classic book War and Peace, married her 45-year-old husband Shamil in 2003 after meeting him on a horseback trip.

The Telegraph said Tolstoy confessed in 2008 the couple's relationship had been tested when she spent a month traveling as part of the BBC series Horse People with Alexandra Tolstoy.