Internet Startup TabTab.com Launches the Only Advanced Multi-tab Toolbar Platform to Replace All Other Toolbars

June 9, 2009

NEW YORK, June 9 /PRNewswire/ — TabTab, LLC, a web management tool in the form of a toolbar, was launched today. The toolbar offers a simple solution to organize, manage, and provides easy access to information that’s important to everyday Internet users.

The toolbar allows users to combine links to websites and aggregate web contents such as feeds, third party widgets and web snippets however each user desires to organize his/her various content. TabTab has successfully married the essential features from web startup pages, toolbars, and social bookmarking to create the total web management tool. TabTab aims to offer a tool that will appeal to people new to the Internet, as well as tech-savvy users.

The following unique features are currently available with our beta release:

– Multi-tab toolbar – allows users to set up multiple tabs in one toolbar.

– Drag & Drop – allows users to easily drag any web address, bookmarks, computer files and program shortcut into the toolbar to create a tablet. This will allow users to launch any website, short cut to a computer file and any program from the toolbar.

– Search – we have combined popular search engines in different categories such as Web, Image, Video, Local, Shopping and News. Users are now able to quickly browse through all engines for any keyword without having to visit each search engine’s website.

– Sharing data – users have the option to set their toolbar as public, private and friends-only for purposes of sharing. Users can browse and easily add any tab, tablet and widget from other members’ toolbars.

TabTab’s goal is to simplify the Internet for all users. “What we’re trying to do with our toolbar platform is revolutionary, and looking to change the way users interact with the Internet,” says co-founder Michael Chen. “The key approach to TabTab’s development is the ability to embrace the very latest web-based software technologies and create a seamless integration that will benefit all users.”

Co-founder of TabTab.com Matt Phakousonh explains, “The TabTab Toolbar beta has been under development for quite some time now. Before full release, we wanted to be certain that it offered valuable and simple-to-use features that most Internet users will find useful.”

About TabTab

TabTab, LLC (http://www.tabtab.com) is an online web management tool that provides a simple solution to organize, manage, and access information. TabTab makes it easy to build and maintain toolbars without the need for any technical knowledge. TabTab, LLC is looking to revolutionize the way people interact and engage with toolbars by providing a more active approach on how information is brought to users. For more information about TabTab, visit http://www.tabtab.com

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    David Hom
    TabTab, LLC
    (646) 765-5999

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