Giant Release Heats Up Summer With Chili’s New Fire-Grilled Quesadillas Online Media Campaign

June 9, 2009

LOS ANGELES, June 9 /PRNewswire/ — Chili’s restaurant has chosen Giant Release as an online media partner for the new “Fire-Grilled Quesadillas” online advertising campaign. The online advertising campaign integrates Chili’s menu items into contextually relevant content areas and deploys impactful and innovative advertising techniques on Giant Release’s leading film, comic, TV, games and sports sites.

Giant Release’s brand and product centric focus has helped Chili’s and other consumer brands in the food, beverage, film, video game, DVD and service industry capture the attention of their respective target audiences during high traffic timeframes through relevant and one-of-a-kind integrations.

The Chili’s campaign, currently live on Giant Release’s entertainment, comic, games and action sports sites, includes custom content creation, product integration and an exclusive fan-site sponsorship which is something new.

An advertising technique called “conquesting” was used to deploy Chili’s online media during the release week of the summer blockbuster comedy The Hangover, when high traffic volumes were projected on Giant Release’s lead movie sites ComicBookMovie.com, FirstShowing.net and Screenrant.com. Daniel Clark, president of Giant Release states, “With the help of our site partners we strategically captured the attention of large audiences and passionate fans while providing unique value for our brand partner. Increased brand preference is an important goal, whereby we’ve achieved excellent click through and interaction metrics when consumers are in market, making their lunch, dinner and entertainment plans.

When asked about the effectiveness of Giant Release’s brand and product centric approach, Clark confirms, “Major brands partner with us to ensure their new products, movies, DVD’s and video game releases are seen by their audience targets. We provide innovative solutions, strategic integrations and high impact media around premium content.”

About Giant Release

Giant Release is an online media consultancy with an exclusive selection of genre specific games, entertainment and alpha action sports sites. We offer marketers an opportunity to reach 20+ million unduplicated Y12-17 and M18-49 each month. Giant Release is a company built on delivering firsts that offer clients deep integration into top tier portals and market leading fan-sites resulting in highly successful media campaigns. Opportunities are always unique, efficiently priced and exclusive to Giant Release.

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