June 11, 2009

Expert: Carradine didn’t commit suicide

The U.S. forensic pathologist who conducted an autopsy on David Carradine's body says the late actor did not commit suicide last week.

Carradine's naked body was discovered hanging in the closet of his Bangkok hotel room with rope around his neck and genitals.

Thai officials initially announced they suspected suicide, but later said they thought Carradine's death might have been an accident caused by an autoerotic act gone wrong. An autopsy was conducted in Thailand, but the results have not yet been released to the public.

E! News said the 72-year-old Kung Fu and Kill Bill star's brothers Keith and Robert Carradine released a statement Thursday saying Dr. Michael Baden, the expert they independently hired to perform a second autopsy on David in California, determined he didn't kill himself.

The autopsy findings and the evidence thus far available demonstrate that Mr. Carradine's death was not the result of suicide, Baden is quoted in the statement as saying.

The Carradine brothers also thanked fans for their support during what they described as a profoundly painful time, E! News said.