SportSpundit.com Fantasy World Twenty20 Steps Up to the Wicket

June 12, 2009

UPPSALA, Sweden, June 12 /PRNewswire/ –

– Fastest Growing Sports Community Launches Second Fantasy Cricket
League: Fantasy World Twenty20

Following the success of SportsPundit.com’s first online fantasy cricket
tournament earlier this year, the world’s fastest growing online sports
community, is launching Fantasy World Twenty20.

Based on the World Cup tournament, staged this year in England and
running right through to the final match on 21 June, over 1,500 cricket fans
are already actively participating in the competition.

During the Indian Premier League (IPL) over 7000 fans took part in
SportPundit’s IPL League, ten times SportPundit’s target.

Enter here: http://fantasywt20.sportspundit.com/

The competition’s top prize is a trip for two to watch a key cricket
match this season for the highest scoring team manager. Further prizes
include the official shirt of the favourite team awarded to the highest
scoring manager each week.

Also, the mini-league with the highest average score at the end of the
competition will be awarded ‘League of League Champions’, winning a cricket
bat and ball for each mini-league member.

So how does Sports Pundit Twenty20 fantasy cricket work?

You can enter a team at any point during the competition. Gamers enter
the online tournament through the Sports Pundit website
http://fantasywt20.sportspundit.com/ and choose who they think would perform
well on the cricket field.

Tournament gamers receive a fantasy budget to create their own ‘Fantasy
Cricket Team’ of players in the series, scoring fantasy points based on their
selected squad’s performance.

Entrants may only enter one team each, named and with a manager profile.
Game players have a total budget of 35 fantasy stars to choose a team of:
four bowlers; five batsmen; one wicket keeper and an all rounder.

Each player is valued between one and five stars (one star being less
likely to play, five star being a key player) and their value is dependent on
the team they play for and their contribution.

Gamers can either manually pick a team using their cricket knowledge or
use the ‘Lucky Dip’ option when the computer picks a team. SportsPundit’s
Fantasy World Twenty20 holds a daily transfer deadline prior to the fist
match played each day.

Before this deadline, players can fine tune their fantasy team to suit
their preference. Transfers made after the transfer window closes will be
taken from the transfer allocation for that day.

SportsPundit Cricket and Fantasy expert, Suneer Chowdhary, says: “Fantasy
World Twenty20 is capturing the imagination of cricket fans around the world.
Building on the success of our first fantasy competition run during the IPL,
we expect this summer’s competition to be even more hotly contested.

The fantasy competition allows gamers to play in the steps of their
heroes and experience the real life action of the cricket field.” Chowdhary’s
tips and advice are offered in his Fantasy Previews.

Entrants can indulge their cricket fantasies online by joining their
favourite team’s fan club and make their pick in the Fantasy World Twenty20.
Furthermore, they can submit their personal opinion on their rivals, build
their profile, socialise with friends, and win great prizes through the site.

SportsPundit.com is an extensive sports community website dedicated to
sports fans across the globe. It boasts one of the world’s largest public
sports databases with a wide variety of current news and in-depth articles
written by serious pundits. League results are updated in real time, as well
as forums where members can discuss their favourite stars and teams.

Chowdhary concludes: “Online fantasy cricket has already proved extremely
popular and the online community behind SportsPundit is building momentum
with every game played.”

For more information about the Sports Pundit Fantasy Twenty20 Cricket
tournament, please visit http://fantasywt20.sportspundit.com/

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