CarbonPoker’s Bad Beat Jackpot Pays Out $734,542.27

June 12, 2009

A freeroll player and 8 others at his table cashed in huge as the jackpot paid out $734,542.27

DUBLIN, June 12 /PRNewswire/ — A lucky player on the Merge Gaming Poker Network recently had the loss of a lifetime as the Bad Beat Jackpot paid him an astounding $257,089.81 for losing in a poker hand with Quad 7′s against Quad Queens.

After the flop, both “Ween10″ and “kdawg1979″ both had 3 of a kind – 7′s and Queens, respectively. Betting escalated as kdawg1979 caught his 4th Queen on the turn and Ween10 got his 4th 7 on the river.

When this took place, kdawg1979 won $60.92 on the hand and $128,544.90 for second place in the jackpot. Ween10 was greatly rewarded for his “loss” as well.

The remaining seven players each received $18,363.55 from the jackpot for being present.

The Bad Beat Jackpot is triggered when a hand of quad 7′s or better is beaten. That is the lowest qualifying hand in the industry – if this happened at another site, the jackpot simply wouldn’t have gone off. Ween10 was rewarded with this very hand.

123maryc, a player at the table, said, “I was playing six Bad Beat tables and after folding I didn’t even watch the rest of the hand. When I looked up, I had won $18,000 and the money was already in my account.”

This is the second time the Bad Beat Jackpot has been awarded this year.

CarbonPoker spokesman Jay Manning states, “The size of the jackpot was really exciting. Though this jackpot wasn’t as big as our world record $1.2 million Jackpot won in February, when you are talking about this level of payout, it becomes life-changing. You get players literally hoping to lose. One of them finally got their wish.”

When reached for comment, player kdawg1979 had these words to say: “I also wanted to let you know that two or three nights ago I played in a freeroll, came in third and won five bucks. I got it up to $60 and went to the Bad Beat tables for about two hours and hit it for $128,000. I’ve never made a deposit and I’ve never had so much money before!”

kdawg1979 continued on, “It came at the right time. I have three boys and a wife. We were getting evicted. This was a blessing from God. Thank you again, Merge.”

Previously, the $1.2 million Jackpot paid out to a New York-based student on February 13, 2009. That jackpot awarded over $400,000 to him and hundreds of thousands split amongst the others at the table.

At time of release, the Bad Beat Jackpot sits at $148,054.53. You can track the new Bad Beat Jackpot in real time at: http://www.carbonpoker.com

CarbonPoker is a fresh face in the online poker world. With rapid growth and a stylish look, CarbonPoker is dedicated to providing the best and most current gaming experience online. In addition to being a poker leader, Carbon sets an environmental example – the entire operation has remained carbon-neutral since 2006.


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