Scientific Study Makes it Possible to Measure Connection Between People

June 15, 2009

UTRECHT, The Netherlands, June 15 /PRNewswire/ — The largest global
study on connection, performed in 14 countries among 10,000 respondents,
shows that strongly connected people have more enjoyment in their lives and
in their work. They are not only happier, but more successful. Strongly
connected people have a better idea of what they want in life and how they
can achieve it. The study, carried out by &intoconnection, proves that
connection has a tremendous positive influence on people’s lives. Therefore,
on June 21st, &intoconnection will be starting a global campaign to inspire
people to connect with others.

U.S. in the sub top of connection

&intoconnection performed a study on what it means for people to be
strongly or weakly connected. Due to the international nature of the study,
it is not only possible to measure connection by country, but it is also
possible to compare connection between countries. The 14 countries studied
were China, Japan, the U.S., Russia, Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain,
South Africa, Argentina, Israel, Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The U.S. scored just above average, thereby making it a sub top
performer. The Japanese scored the lowest on connection. The best connected
are the Argentinians and the South Africans.

Connection starts with yourself, but is dependent on others

The most important insight that the study provided is that every
relationship of connection can be strengthened by investing in ‘connecting
with yourself’, meaning that you have a clear idea of what you want and what
you can do. The greater your self-knowledge, the stronger you are connected
with others, with the organization where you work and with society. The
theory of connection indicates that people can only improve their
self-knowledge in relation to others. People therefore need each other.
Connection with others is characterized by openness, genuine interest and the
courage to criticize.

U.S. study results

The study shows that Americans are somewhat more connected than average.
They are better connected with themselves and with the organization where
they work than people from other countries. They have a better idea of what
their social life will be like in five years’ time and they enjoy more out of
life than the average countries studied. They are relatively strongly
connected with the organization where they work. They believe that they fit
in well in the organization where they work and that their employer is aware
of their qualities.

Degree of connection has economic consequences

If people do not invest in developing connection with themselves (knowing
what they want and what they can do) it not only has negative repercussions
for social cohesion, but economic consequences as well. Strongly connected
people experience greater enjoyment in their work, perform better and are
more successful within the organization where they work.

Spreading the word on connection

With the slogan, ‘Inspire to connect’, &intoconnection is starting a
campaign to raise people’s awareness of the power of connection. ‘Together
we’ll build a brighter future’, says initiator Salem Samhoud, ‘We need a
better future, and connection between people is the starting point for this.
I would advise anyone who thinks this sounds vague to read the study results
at http://www.intoconnection.com. It has been proven that connected people
are happier and more successful.’

The theory of connection is described in detail in the book that will be
launched in 14 major cities on June 21st, with the campaign, ‘&intoconnection
Goes Glo-Ball’, with illustrations based on the results of the study on
connection. People will become aware of the power of connection through the
distribution of 14,000 ‘blue balls of connection’. The cities of Beijing,
Berlin, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Istanbul, Jerusalem, London,
Madrid, Moscow, New York, Paris, Tokyo and Utrecht will be visited during the

&intoconnection presents Wintoconnection

&intoconnection still has three tickets available for the visit to the 14
major cities on June 21, 2009. Entrants who submit the best case for the city
they want to visit in terms of its power of connection will be invited to
join the campaign there. More information on the campaign can be found at

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