‘The Phoenix Rising’: Alliance of Worlds

June 16, 2009

MALVERN, Pa., June 16 /PRNewswire/ — “The Phoenix Rising” (published by iUniverse) by Gary Caplan imagines a world several centuries in the future when humans have long since left earth to live among other civilizations in the galaxy. These civilizations have formed a federation called the Alliance of Worlds. Although some 250 societies are a part of the group, there are those who seek to destroy it.

When high-level officials in the Alliance of Worlds headquarters are murdered, fleet officer Commodore Robert Sheppard is summoned to help investigate and defend the Alliance. After stemming the initial security breach, Sheppard is charged with discovering the threat’s origins. Sheppard and his crew members are soon aboard the Phoenix heading for one of the Alliance’s major colonies, Quellus Borealis Seven, which is being attacked by the Varlon.

Too late, the Phoenix crew realize that the Varlon have allied with the Accads and have claimed QB7 as their own in order to mine the region’s valuable crystals and minerals. After taking what they came for, the Accads destroy the planet and exit into hyperspace, leaving Sheppard and his crew stranded. It is only because of the planet’s ancient crystalline facility and with the aid of the ancient patrons of the Star Knights that the Phoenix and its crew are restored to fight another day.

Science fiction and fantasy fans will enjoy Caplan’s work in “The Phoenix Rising.” He has created many interesting civilizations that must exist together in the galaxy in much the same way as the societies on Earth. The worlds he creates are rich with imagination, bound only by readers’ ability to go there with him.

About the Author

Gary Caplan was born in Philadelphia and has enjoyed the science fiction and fantasy genre most of his life. After earning three bachelor’s degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, he went on to pursue MD and MPH degrees. Dr. Caplan is currently a preventive medicine officer in the reserves. After practicing medicine for several years, he has now decided to dedicate more time to his writing. In addition to a few medical journal publications, he is the author of “Chronicles of Illumaril.”

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