June 16, 2009

Dark indie ‘Snow White’ in the works

Goodnight Film LLC has announced a dark and brooding U.S. adaptation of the classic fairy tale Snow White is to go into production this October.

Connecticut filmmaker A.D. Calvo will introduce a much darker twist to the original Grimm fairy tale, incorporating such controversial -- but sadly topical and relevant -- themes as drug abuse and teen suicide, the production company said in a news release.

Although a fantasy, this is hardly a fairy tale, Calvo said in a statement. It's much more about despair than anything else. I'm looking to explore dark romanticism as it relates to modern culture. I realize some might find my interpretation a bit disturbing. ... This is not your mother's 'Snow White.'

Calvo said his ideas for a new independent film version of Snow White are resonating much stronger than I expected.

There's already a solid fan base growing within the Facebook community, specifically within the alternative, industrial, and Goth culture, Calvo noted.

Snow White is scheduled to be released in 2010, shortly after Tim Burton's re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland.