June 18, 2009

NanoMarkets Issues New Report on E-Paper Display Market, Sees Strong Growth

GLEN ALLEN, Va., June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- NanoMarkets, LC has just published a new analysis and forecast on the e-paper display market. The report shows that shipments of e-paper backplanes will more than double in 2009. In total NanoMarkets claims that the entire market for e-paper front planes will reach $4.4 billion by 2016. Details about the report can be found on the firm's website at www.nanomarkets.net.

Key Points:

NanoMarkets research indicates that the e-paper market is now expected to go into overdrive as the result of the success of the e-paper book readers currently being marketed by Sony, iRex and especially Amazon. The firm believes e-book readers will prove to be the "killer app" that will bring credibility to e-paper throughout the display industry.

The firm's report notes that although the penetration of e-paper into the mobile communications and computing market is low at the moment, e-paper is well suited to these applications because it can be read in sunlight and claims further that e-paper will become even more useful as color e-paper appears on the market over the next few years.

NanoMarkets projects that the cell phones sector alone will consume more than $1 billion in e-paper by 2016. NanoMarkets also sees a strong market for e-paper in the smart card market where it is seen as enabling one-time-password security to help protect against the billions in dollars of credit card fraud that now takes place.

What's in the report:

NanoMarkets' report E-Paper Market Opportunities-2009 provides a detailed analysis of the market opportunities for e-paper in outdoor and indoor advertising, indoor information displays, electronic shelf labels, cell phones and other handheld electronics, laptop and desktop computer displays, smart cards, smart packaging and, of course, book readers. The latest developments in all the main e-paper technologies are covered including bistable TN liquid-crystal displays, cholesteric LCDs, electrochromic displays, electrophoretic displays, electrowetting displays and MEMS-based e-paper technologies. The report provides a detailed eight-year forecasts of the e-paper market in volume and value terms broken out by application, e-paper technology type and by whether or not the display is flexible or not. It also critically examines the product market strategies of the leading e-paper and e-paper backplane companies including Acreo, Nemoptic, ZBD Displays, Kent Displays, Fujitsu Frontech, Matsushita, Varitronix, Ntera, E Ink, SiPix, Bridgestone, Qualcomm, Liquavista, Polymer Vision, PVI, Magink, NEC, LG Electronics, Seiko Epson, Advanced Display Technology, Seiko Instruments, Nanox, Sharp, Sony, iRex, Amazon, Casio, Hitachi, Apple, Hisense, Philips and others.

About NanoMarkets

NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities in energy and electronics markets. The firm has published numerous reports related to new developments in power sources, electronic device and fabrication techniques and electronics material. NanoMarkets research database is the industry's most extensive source of information on thin film, organic and printable (TOP) electronics. Visit www.nanomarkets.net for a full listing of NanoMarkets' reports and services.

SOURCE NanoMarkets, LC