June 21, 2009

Iranians in Florida use music to protest

A nightclub owner in Tamarac, Fla., says he organized a musical protest for members of the area Iranian community to urge peace in his native land.

Kuluck nightclub owner Ali Shirdel told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel with deadly, large-scale protests in Iran, he orchestrated Saturday night's performance of the Iranian band Dima to offer support to his native people opposing Iran's recent presidential election.

We're hoping to show support for everyone who's dying over the cause of freedom and peace, Shirdel said.

Shirdel said his musical protest was a somber affair because the nearly 300 guests were preoccupied with the violence in their homeland, that CNN reported has claimed at least 19 lives.

But he told the Sun-Sentinel Saturday's event offered a peaceful alternative filled with musical messages such as Let the protesters go and We want freedom.

It's a peaceful tribute to all the young kids and everyone who's out in the streets in Iran, Shirdel said.