Fairtheworld Comments on Water Supply and Drainage Companies’ Strong Business Sense, Exploring the International Market via 3D Virtual Exhibition

June 24, 2009

HONG KONG, June 24 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — The water supply and drainage
industry giant, the No 2 nodular cast iron supplier worldwide, XinXing Ductile
Iron Pipes Co., already manages their booth in the 3D Virtual Exhibition
Platform formally. Not long before, as one of the high-end companies in the
water supply and drainage industry which Fairtheworld.com invited, XinXing
Ductile Iron Pipes Co. took part in the “Fair N Fair” virtual Exhibition
platform. Now, the certifications of the companies have been shown so as to
make it convenient for global potential customers’ reference. They have also
updated their latest product information and product pictures, and detailed
product specification is also included. In the big LCD screen in the middle
wall, the video about a meeting between the Chairman of the company and the
government official is being played. The meeting is about the cooperation
between the two sides.

As the global leader of the water supply and drainage industry, XinXing
Ductile Iron Pipes Co. is very sensitive to the new technology and development
of new business models.

Besides XinXing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., industry pursuers such as Conglin
Group, and Shandong Ductile Iron Pipes Co also got the potential. They are
good at grasping opportunities. They accept the brand new conception of 3D
virtual exhibition immediately and will manage their booth intensively pretty

The booth of Conglin Group is very professional. In the Electronic Data
Display of Conglin Group booth, you can find that two- pages of product
information has been added up. The short description of the products, detailed
specification, and pictures are all included. That makes it very convenient
for the sourcing exhibitors. In addition, they have also published 3 pieces of
recruitment information in the recruitment column. The global high-end job
seekers can get the opportunities timely through the Fairtheworld.com’s
website and “Fair N Fair” 3D exhibition platform.

The red color ring type booth of Shandong Ductile Iron Pipes Co is very
diaphanous. The advertising pictures are arranged in order. To be noticed
especially is the list of their certification, we see kinds of ISO standard
certifications, certificates of honor for credit and environmental
certifications, which are very helpful for them to attract investment.

When the exhibitors are busy arranging their booths, they are also
inviting their customers all over the world to visit their booth. During the
interview with the Ductile Iron Pipes Co, the reporter knows that the design
of the 3D virtual Exhibition Platform solves the problems they encounter
during the stage of international bidding. For example, they are to ship 8000
tons of ductile iron pipe abroad, they always have difficulties when they try
to find and contact the available vessel owner and the cargo carrier. They run
big risks of missing the delivery deadline just because of the condition of
carriers and sailing dates. The cargo insurance during transportation is also
a big problem. In the “Fair N Fair” 3D virtual exhibition platform, all the
difficult points and concerns which are focused on by the business bidder have
been considered. The global logistics providers, insurance companies and banks
come to the 3D Virtual Exhibition in succession, which will solve the problems
to find out and communicate with the partners in different locations in real

The First 3D Virtual Exhibitions have already attracted much interest from
the international water supply and drainage companies. With the development of
the Exhibition supported by the 3D Virtual technology, the companies which
have business sensitive and pioneering spirits will win more international
cooperation opportunities.

SOURCE Fairtheworld

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