New Study Shows Antioxidant Quercetin Can Extend Endurance Without Regular Exercise Training

June 24, 2009

Research Finds Quercetin Supplements Can Produce 13.2 Percent Increase in Endurance in Healthy, Active Individuals;

Study Provides Further Evidence Quercetin is a Healthy, Effective Alternative to Caffeine and Other Short-Term Stimulants;

FRS(R) Healthy Energy(R) Is One of the Only Commercial Sources of QU995(TM), the Highest Purity Quercetin Used in the Study

FOSTER CITY, Calif., June 24 /PRNewswire/ — A new study released by the University of South Carolina and published online today by the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism shows that daily quercetin supplementation – available in FRS(R) Healthy Energy(R) products – can improve endurance in healthy, active people without regular exercise training.

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The study demonstrates that when individuals consumed 1000 milligrams daily of quercetin – a safe and natural antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables – they experienced a 13.2 percent increase in endurance and a 3.9 percent increase in VO2max, maximal oxygen consumption, which is a typical measure of fitness(i). One-thousand milligrams is equivalent to eating 100 red apples – or drinking approximately three cans of FRS. FRS is one of the only sources of the highest purity quercetin, QU995(TM), used in the study.

“We are excited by these new findings, which show that quercetin can positively impact the fitness ability of healthy, active people who aren’t involved in a regular exercise training program,” said Maigread Eichten, president and chief executive officer of The FRS Company. “This study provides further evidence that quercetin is a unique and healthy way to naturally sustain energy for anyone from professional athletes to everyday, active people. We are just at the early stages of understanding the full range of benefits that quercetin can provide. Our mission is to help people move from short-term stimulants to a better option for naturally enhancing their energy and performance, no matter what they are doing.”

The study was partially funded by the Department of Defense (DOD). For more detailed information on the research, visit http://hk.humankinetics.com/IJSNEM/viewarticle.cfm?jid=X474w8UbX628bJ7yX862daj4X378m4C4X872v8YgX8&view=abs&aid=17245&site=X474w8UbX628bJ7yX862daj4X378m4C4X872v8YgX8 .

The University of South Carolina findings build on other research – including studies published by the American Journal of Physiology and conducted at academic institutions such as Pepperdine University – that has shown quercetin’s positive impact on performance and immune support.

Other clinical trials are now underway or being planned on quercetin’s potential to make additional contributions to health and sports performance. These ongoing studies are funded in part by the Department of Defense (DOD), The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the National Institutes for Health (NIH).

FRS Healthy Energy Provides Quercetin Supplementation

FRS’s main ingredient is the antioxidant quercetin, which is naturally found in fruits and vegetables such as red apples, grapes and berries. The patented FRS formula contains the highest purity quercetin, QU995(TM), as well as a mix of vitamins and metabolic enhancers to help increase quercetin absorption, or bioavailability.

While short-term stimulants like caffeine can produce a feeling of alertness, they do not provide actual energy to muscles and the brain, the way that quercetin does. Quercetin increases energy by using different mechanisms than traditional stimulants. Pre-clinical research indicates that quercetin works by increasing the production of the energy-producing parts of the cell, which mirrors an effect of exercise. Previously, exercise training has been considered the only practical way to achieve this effect and, in turn, build endurance.

“This new study further validates my own experience that quercetin naturally enhances my energy without the side effects of sugar or caffeine,” said Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France winner and FRS board member. “As a dad and professional athlete, FRS Healthy Energy helps me keep up with my active lifestyle by sustaining my energy and enhancing my training and competitive efforts. FRS is a key part of my daily fitness routine.”

FRS comes in many convenient products including chews, concentrate, ready to drink and powder forms. FRS is available for sale at FRS.com, Amazon.com and in GNC, Super Target(R) and Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide. It can also be found at Safeway stores in California and Oregon, including Vons in Southern California.

About The FRS Company

FRS Healthy Energy products contain the antioxidant quercetin, which is naturally found in fruits and vegetables, such as red apples, grapes and berries. Studies have shown that quercetin can deliver sustained energy and support improved fitness levels.

The FRS Company produces and distributes ready to drink cans, drink concentrates, soft chews and powdered drink mixes all containing a patented mix containing the highest purity quercetin available (QU995(TM)). FRS single-serving cans and select additional products are currently available through Amazon.com, at GNC, Super Target(R) and Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide, and in a wide array of grocery, specialty and bike stores. Visit FRS.com to purchase online or to locate a retailer.

(i) Davis JM, *Carlstedt CJ, *Chen S, *Carmichael MD, *Murphy EA. The dietary flavonoid quercetin increases VO2max and endurance capacity. Inter J Sports Nutr Exerc Metab, June 2009, Epub ahead of print.

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