Movie Fans Say ‘I Do’ to Inspiration From Silver-Screen Weddings, According to Survey by Blockbuster

June 25, 2009

’27 Dresses’ Beach Wedding, Reese Witherspoon’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama‘ Look

Are Top Picks

DALLAS, June 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — As the summer wedding season comes into full bloom, movie lovers have named the movies and celebrities most likely to inspire their own nuptials in a survey on blockbuster.com(R). Topping their selections are Jane and Kevin’s beach wedding in “27 Dresses” for Favorite Movie Wedding Look, Reese Witherspoon in “Sweet Home Alabama” as Most Beautiful Movie Bride and Matthew McConaughey in “The Wedding Planner” as Most Gorgeous Groom.

Participants in the survey, conducted this month at www.blockbuster.com, were asked to name which movie wedding look they would most like for their own (plot not included). Close behind top pick “27 Dresses” were Melanie and Andrew’s garden nuptials in “Sweet Home Alabama” and Gloria and Jeremy’s big church wedding in “Wedding Crashers.” Other approaches that had smaller followings were Mary and Massimo’s courthouse ceremony in “The Wedding Planner” and Aditi and Hemant’s elaborate ceremonies in India in “Monsoon Wedding.”

The title of Most Beautiful Movie Bride went to Reese Witherspoon as Melanie in “Sweet Home Alabama,” but a close second went to Katherine Heigl as Jane in “27 Dresses.” Matthew McConaughey stole Most Gorgeous Groom in his role as Steve in “The Wedding Planner,” closely followed by James Marsden as Kevin in “27 Dresses” and Ryan Reynolds as Mark in “The In-Laws.”

Favorite Movie Wedding Look

  1. “27 Dresses” – Jane and Kevin’s beach wedding
  2. “Sweet Home Alabama” – Melanie and Andrew’s garden nuptials
  3. “Wedding Crashers” – Gloria and Jeremy’s big church wedding
  4. “Bride Wars” – Emma and Fletcher’s and Liv and Daniel’s parties at The Plaza Hotel
  5. “Father of the Bride” – Annie and Bryan’s at-home celebration

Most Beautiful Movie Bride

  1. “Sweet Home Alabama” – Reese Witherspoon as Melanie
  2. “27 Dresses” – Katherine Heigl as Jane
  3. “Bride Wars” – Kate Hudson as Liv
  4. “Runaway Bride” – Julia Roberts as Maggie
  5. “Sex & The City: The Movie” – Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie

Most Gorgeous Movie Groom

  1. “The Wedding Planner” – Matthew McConaughey as Steve
  2. “27 Dresses” – James Marsden as Kevin
  3. “The In-Laws” – Ryan Reynolds as Mark
  4. “My Best Friend’s Wedding” – Dermot Mulroney as Michael
  5. “Runaway Bride” – Richard Gere as Ike

A complete list of Wedding Movies to enjoy during the summer wedding season is available at www.blockbuster.com under “What’s New” in the “Rent” section.

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