June 26, 2009

Eminem shoots ‘Beautiful’ video in Detroit

Eminem has finished shooting the video for Beautiful, the fourth single from his latest album Relapse, in his native Detroit, Interscope Records said.

Directed by Anthony Mandler, the clip was filmed at city landmarks such as the Beaux-Arts train station, the original Tiger Stadium and the old Packard Motor Car Co. plant.

The viewer sees both Detroit's grand past and very real present, and Eminem finds in Detroit a new metaphor for the lyrical content of the song, the rapper's record label said in a news release.

Tiger Stadium is being torn down, and the train station is supposed to be demolished, too. This video is one of the last times anybody outside of Detroit is going to see them, Eminem said in a statement.

I wrote 'Beautiful' when I was really down, during a difficult time struggling with my addiction. It's a reminder to keep your head up, and to see who you really are despite what you may be going through. Now that I've gotten through the toughest part, I see how the song relates to Detroit, and it feels even more powerful to me.