June 26, 2009

Film inspires live Dillinger performance

The trial of bank robber John Dillinger's girlfriend is to be re-enacted in St. Paul, Minn., in honor of the new film Public Enemies, organizers said.

The Dillinger movie was directed by Michael Mann and stars Johnny Depp as the infamous crook.

The dramatic re-enactment, Dillinger's Moll: The Trial of Evelyn 'Billie' Frechette, is to performed by West LegalEdcenter July 14.

The two-hour event is to take place in the F.K. Weyerhaeuser Auditorium inside Landmark Center, the actual location of Frechette's 1934 trial when it was the Federal Courts Building.

Frechette was charged in St. Paul with unlawfully harboring and concealing Dillinger.

French Oscar winner Marion Cotillard plays her in Public Enemies.

With Johnny Depp's new movie about Dillinger, 'Public Enemies,' premiering in early July, we expect tremendous interest in the 1930s-era gangster trials that took place here in St. Paul, Lee Ann Enquist, vice president of West Professional Development, said in a statement. This unique ... event, performed in the building where legal history was made, will be of special interest for public defenders, prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys and litigators, along with attorneys interested in developing their experience with trial skills, witness preparation and examination, and criminal law and procedure.