June 27, 2009

Jackson’s death fuels cyberspace frenzy

Michael Jackson's hits Man in the Mirror and Thriller were among the top sellers on Amazon.com and iTunes after this week's sudden death of the King of Pop.

Billboard reported Saturday that fans flocked to the Internet to download Jackson tunes from iTunes or place orders for his classic hits.

There was a surge in sales of a slew of Jackson singles and albums at the leading online sites with many retailers redoing their home pages with images of Jackson and links to the MP3 downloads of his hits.

Jackson at one point had seven of the top 10 albums being sold on iTunes, Billboard said, noting Jackson was not selling as well on Napster and Rhapsody, which had not played him up as much on their sites.

In addition to the e-commerce aspect, Jackson has been a dominate topic of digital discussions on Internet sites such as MTV, Twitter and Facebook.