June 29, 2009

Madness, Blur wow Glastonbury crowd

Fans acclaimed British bands Madness and Blur the stars of this year's Glastonbury music festival, observers say.

The 100,000 people who packed the festival grounds at Worthy Farm Sunday afternoon broke into a mass Two-Tone shuffle when the ska/pop band Madness played their 1981 hit It Must Be Love and saxophone player Lee Thompson took off into the air as he did in the band's video, The Times of London reported.

Damon Albarn and the rest of Blur made a similar impression on the massive crowd, the newspaper said, with fans -- some dressed as the milk cartons from the band's 1999 video for Coffee and TV -- joyously shouted yes! as Albarn and the band broke into Girls and Boys.

The Times said Blur's highlight was a seven-minute rendition of their song Tender, as well as guest appearance by actor Phil Daniels, who came onstage for a performance of Parklife.