June 29, 2009

Will.i.am: He and Jacko recorded new songs

Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am says he and Michael Jackson recorded new songs before the U.S. pop superstar's death.

Speaking to the BBC Sunday at the Glastonbury Music Festival, will.i.am said the new material was fresh and demanding.

It demanded all the people to the dance floor, will.i.am said. Of course, it was melodic. As he would say, juicy.

The singer said Jackson kept all of the material on his hard drives and so wasn't sure what would ultimately happen to the songs.

He had all the hard drives because I didn't want to be responsible for that, he said. It's one thing to lose a Black Eyed Peas hard drive. I move around a lot and to make songs with Michael Jackson and risk me losing that music, I didn't want that responsibility. So he kept all the stuff that we worked on.

Will.i.am, whose birth name is William Adams, dedicated his Glastonbury performance to Jackson, playing Thriller in a tribute to the pop icon, the BBC said.