June 29, 2009

Bruno: Aussie PM Kevin Rudd ‘uber-cute’

Comedy movie star Sasha Baron Cohen, in character as gay Austrian fashionista Bruno, said Monday that Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is uber-cute.

Before attending the Australian premiere of his new movie Bruno, the British comedian held forth in character at a Sydney news conference where he told The Australian, I've just had breakfast in bed with Kevin Rudd. That guy is like uber-cute. I thought Obama was the hottest guy in the world until I met Kevin. Amazing.

Asked to explain further, Bruno reportedly said, I never schtup and tell. All I would say is for a moment, well, for about seven minutes, Austria and Australia came together as 'Austrialasia' und it was just something very magnificent.

The Australian said Cohen wore a skimpy schoolboy costume to the news conference, perhaps as an homage to similar gear favored by Angus Young, front man for the Australian rock band AC/DC. But Bruno reportedly feigned ignorance, said, I want to be the gay stereotype, I want to be the gay role model -- accept it.