10 Essential Camping Tips

July 1, 2009

LONDON, July 1 /PRNewswire/ — With Glastonbury now behind us, and a
scorching summer ahead with numerous other festivals, and the school holidays
yet to come, realbuzz.com brings you our top 10 camping tips to survive the
fields this summer, plus the lowdown on where in the UK, realbuzz.com thinks
the top camping sites are. We take the whole pursuit of being outdoors and
living a healthy, active life quite literally!

    realbuzz.com Top 10 camping tips and our list of top 20 UK campsites


    - Use a checklist - there is nothing worse that arriving at your campsite
      http://www.realbuzz.com/articles/top-20-uk-campsites/ only to discover
      that you've forgotten the tent pegs, the loo roll, and the camping

    - Practice in the garden - if you've never been before then make sure you
      give your tent a go in the garden. It's worth knowing what you've got
      in that little bag, and how it all fits together!

    - Protect your tent - tents can be expensive and you don't want to use it
      just the once. Protect the ground sheet with a sheet underneath, use
      protective products on the outside, and always wash and clean it when
      you've finished it.

    - Spares - always keep spare guy ropes, and tent pegs with you, you'll
      never know when you might need them!

    - Camping etiquette - ensure that whilst you're staying at the campsite
      that you respect your neighbours, don't park too close, keep the noise
      down after dark, and tidy your pitch before leaving. You want to be
      asked back don't you?

    - Food Storage - always, always keep your food in airtight containers -
      you really don't need wildlife rummaging through your tent at 3am!

    - Avoid Fire Hazards - never cook, smoke, or have candles or naked flames
      in a tent. Most tents and sleeping bag materials are extremely
      flammable, use a windshield to create a cooking area.

    - Keeping it handy - keep to hand torches, and loo roll when going to
      sleep. You don't want to be rummaging around and waking everyone else
      up when you need to use the conveniences...

    - Keeping it safe - never leave anything valuable in your tent. Lock them
      in your car, or take them with you wherever you go. You can't lock a

    - Recognisable - especially at festivals, but can occasionally happen at
      busy campsites. You want to be able too recognise your tent when you
      are in a busy field, or at night time. You don't want to be tripping
      over the guy ropes into someone else's tent, ensure you know where you
      pitched, and give yourself a landmark to get back to your tent. Many
      tents are very similar...

Once you’ve established all the camping etiquette you’re ready to head
off camping, why not check out realbuzz.com 2009 top UK camping sites

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