July 1, 2009

Report: Neverland burial plans dropped

Michael Jackson will not be buried at his former California residence, Neverland ranch, despite the wishes of his family, sources say.

Quoting an unnamed source close to the situation, the Los Angeles Times said Wednesday that even though Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had agreed to help overcome state obstacles to the plan, it has been dropped as unfeasible because of legal restrictions.

The source told the Times that Santa Barbara County officials were unable to find a path to quickly reconcile local laws that prohibit the burial of bodies at a private residence, adding, It's nobody's fault. Everybody in Santa Barbara feels bad about it.

The county sheriff's department had also voiced worries that a popular gravesite at Neverland, located about 125 miles northwest of Los Angeles in Los Olivos, Calif., would result in dangerous traffic jams along the narrow mountain roads in the area, the Times said.

Meanwhile, a memorial service for Jackson reportedly planned for Neverland this week has not been followed up by any contacts from the family, Santa Barbara County spokesman William Boyer told the newspaper Wednesday, asserting no one from the Jackson family had contacted county officials to plan it.