New Collection of Golf Stories Illustrates Passion Behind Sport

July 2, 2009

Frank G. Kilmer Portrays Joy, Despair and Humor Intricately Involved in Golf

WAVERLY, N.Y., July 2 /PRNewswire/ — For the avid golfer, the game is much more than a weekend activity to pass the time. An estimated 25 million Americans participate and love the game of golf for its sheer ability to test the bounds of their mental acuity and physical dexterity. With a collection of 25 short stories, “Golf for a Rainy Day” (published by AuthorHouse), Frank G. Kilmer portrays the joy, despair and humor that are so intricately involved in what is said to be greatest game of all time.

“Golf for a Rainy Day” tees off with a lighthearted tale about the twists, turns and surprises that can lay around the next hole. Other stories in Kilmer’s treasure chest tackle issues familiar to any golfer, including the threat of losing, getting pulled into a mental game and forgetting the role of play in this sometimes intense sport.

Stories such as “A Rocky Time” feature an aggressive match between two local businessmen, Attorney and Retail, versus the local club professional and Rocky, an eccentric who struggles with the threat of losing. Through the course there is a building intensity felt through the four players. At the 16th hole, when Rocky misses a short putt, he flies into a rage and breaks his putter in two. Not surprisingly, on the 18th, when Rocky asks to borrow his partner’s putter, a controversy develops. In the end, the four discover the paramount role of mediating tempestuous emotions that surround the game.

Alternately suspenseful and comical, “Golf for a Rainy Day” reveals the true character behind this assorted bunch of true-to-life players. As many golfers know, the game is heightened and elevated by the role of human nature that comes into play from the first swing to the last hole. Ideal for any golfer, whether novice or advanced, “Golf for a Rainy Day” lets readers appreciate the subtle ways in which the game of golf translates to the game of life.

Frank G. Kilmer departed industry for a career in writing. He lives with his wife, Glory, in Waverly, N.Y., near Shepard Hills Golf Club, where she is a seven-time club champion and he strives to play the game of his dreams. His passion lies in writing short stories about golf and the complexities of family-oriented situations. Kilmer is also the author of numerous pieces in area newspapers and magazines. “Golf for a Rainy Day” is Kilmer’s first book, and his second, “Shoes, Blondes and Baseball,” is near completion.

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