Global Security is Unstable, According to Most Americans

July 2, 2009

ALEXANDRIA, Va., July 2 /PRNewswire/ — STEWART and PARTNERS today released a survey which reports more than half of Americans (57%) think global security is currently unstable. In addition, Americans are most likely to point to North Korea (44%) as the country posing the greatest threat to global security, doubling those who cite Iran (22%).

China was viewed as the greatest threat by 9% of those surveyed, ranking a distant third behind North Korea and Iran. Still, China was cited by more people than Iraq (4%) and Afghanistan (3%) combined.

“Beyond just the numbers in the survey, the underlying issue is that Americans are comfortable that the U.S. has a strategy when it comes to both Iraq and Afghanistan – but they’re uncertain and concerned about how the administration will handle North Korea and Iran,” said William Stewart, President, STEWART and PARTNERS. “Jong-il and Ahmadinejad are troubling wildcards, and people are nervous.”

Despite the headline-grabbing issues taking place in several regions of the world right now, the survey of more than 800 U.S. adults shows that Americans are still far more concerned with domestic issues (72%) compared to international issues (13%).

Survey Questions

       Q: How stable or unstable do you
          think global security is right

    Very stable                        5%
    Somewhat stable                   34%
    Unsure (vol.)                      4%
    Somewhat unstable                 34%
    Very unstable                     23%

       Q: When you look at the situation around the
          world, which country do you think poses the
          greatest threat to global security?

                                Greatest          Next greatest
    UNAIDED                      threat              threat
    RESPONSES                (first choice)      (second choice)

    North Korea                    44%                 23%
    Iran                           22%                 27%
    China                           9%                  9%
    Iraq                            4%                  8%
    Afghanistan                     3%                  6%
    Pakistan                        2%                  4%
    Russia                          1%                  4%
    Other                           5%                  5%
    Unsure                         10%                 15%

       Q: Right now, are you more
          concerned with domestic issues or
          international issues?

    Domestic issues                   72%
    International issues              13%
    Both (vol.)                       13%
    Unsure (vol.)                      2%

       Q: Now I'd like to read you a list of five different
          countries.  For each one, please tell me whether you are
          very concerned, somewhat concerned, or not concerned about
          the current situations in these countries.

    ROTATE               Very         Somewhat        Not           Unsure
    LIST               Concerned     Concerned     Concerned        (vol.)
    Afghanistan           43%           46%           11%             1%
    Iran                  58%           34%            7%             1%
    Iraq                  40%           46%           13%             2%
    North Korea           69%           23%            7%             1%
    Pakistan              38%           48%           12%             3%


The inaugural edition of the America’s Point of View Survey was conducted June 26-30, 2009. Using a random-digit dial (RDD) sampling method, telephone interviews were conducted among N=813 adults 18+ years of age throughout the United States. This sample has a margin of error of 3.5% at the 95% confidence level.

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