July 4, 2009

Group organizing second ‘Dallas’ reunion

A non-profit agency says it is planning another reunion of the cast of the U.S. TV series Dallas despite last year's lackluster 30th anniversary event.

Ultimate Dallas.com webmaster Colin Hunter said the J. Timothy Hogan Foundation is trying to organize an anniversary event devoid of the struggles that plagued last November's reunion, The Dallas Morning News reported Saturday.

Of course people are going to be concerned about another event this scale, Hunter said of the 2008 event, which was hurt by costly tickets and questionable planning.

Foundation Vice President Jeanne Jackson said her group plans on holding The Ewing New Year's Eve Safari on a private reserve in the Florida Everglades.

Jackson said the event will not represent a second attempt at a 30th anniversary for the former prime time drama, saying the Florida event will simply be a fundraising event with Dallas cast members in attendance.

The Morning News said the cheapest tickets for the event are $895, significantly higher than the $100 low-end tickets the November event offered. Jackson said details of the event had yet to be finalized.