July 5, 2009

Depp avoids watching own performances

U.S. actor Johnny Depp says he finds watching himself in movies such as his newest film, Public Enemies, difficult.

Parade.com reported Thursday that Depp, who plays notorious criminal John Dillinger in director Michael Mann's new movie, says it may be some time before he actually watches the final version of Enemies.

I prefer to stay as ignorant as possible about my work and anybody else's work in movies. Like, for example, as much as I want to see what Michael Mann did with this film and what Christian (Bale) and Marion (Cotillard) put on the screen in their performances, it'll probably be a while before I can bring myself to take a look at it because then I would start having regrets, Depp told Parade magazine.

Depp, star of the Pirates of Caribbean films, told Parade he spends most of his free time relaxing on an island in the Bahamas and in the south of France with his family.

For me, the place to be is where there's an opportunity for normalcy, simplicity, he said.