July 7, 2009

Russian writer Vasily Aksyonov dead at 76

Russian writer Vasily Aksyonov, the author of Generations of Winter, has died at age 76 from the effects of a stroke, his widow said.

Aksyonov died Monday at the Sklifosovsky Emergency Medicine Research Institute in Moscow, his widow, Maya Aksyonova, told ITAR-TASS in a story published Tuesday.

Aksyonov had been partially paralyzed since suffering a stroke , Jan. 15, 2008, Viktor Vogman, Aksyonov's literary agent said.

Aksyonov was the author of Generations of Winter, The Island of Crimea, Oranges from Morocco, and Tickets to the Stars, among other works well known in Russian and translated into English for sale in other parts of the world, his agency said.