Newmium’s Dr Parse Takes a Holistic View of Parsing Technology

July 10, 2009

PORTLAND, Ore., July 10 /PRNewswire/ — Newmium — http://www.newmium.com — is rapidly achieving a reputation as one of the most forward-thinking high-tech companies on the Internet. The most recent innovation to spring from Newmium’s “brain trust” is a superior parsing mechanism, aptly named Dr Parse.

While there are other parsing products on the market, some of which are undeniably efficient and well-established, Dr Parse(TM) offers a much wider spectrum of features that enhance and accelerate the parsing process. Dr Parse 6.0 is scheduled for shipment in late Q4 2009. Dr Parse takes a completely holistic view of parsing technology. The grammar and rich set of specialized utilities and tools, as well as error and grammar statistics, accommodate faster and better parser development. Dr Parse deploys True Canonical LR(1) language-independent lexer and parse generators and can support multiple Canonical LR parse engines in a single application.

“When it comes to benefits and features, Dr Parse wins hands down,” remarked a programmer for Newmium. Interactive, robust and flexible, Dr Parse is the ultimate parsing solution. It quickly converts grammar into a parse data stream and detects syntactical errors. If valid, Dr Parse generates data and compiles into DLL/ELF modules for interfacing to any language the developer selects.

Dr Parse IDE takes the process a step further. This visually interactive development/parsing tool enables the user to view a wide variety of parsing modes and detect invalid sentences and incorrect ASTs. Its Integrated Development Environment (IDE) consists of a syntax highlighter and debugger. The IDE enables the developer to input a grammar and check for errors in syntax. Once the grammar is deemed syntactically correct, the parser’s conflict resolutions can be viewed and modified. This static check can then be followed by a series of dynamic test scenarios using the IDE.

Dr Parse’s innovations significantly enhance the ability to develop faster, more robust parsing applications. Dr Parse provides individually tailored solutions to a variety of technology professionals: assemblers, compiler developers, language interpreters, translators, syntax-directed editors, language validators, natural language processors, and more.

For more product information, customers may call the corporate office at 888-Newmium (888-639-6486) or write to Newmium, 10940 SW Barnes Rd, Ste 319, Portland, OR 97225. Information is also available on the Web at http://www.newmium.com.

Newmium is the trade name of Newmium, which develops computer hardware and software products for workstations, servers, mini-computers, super computers, network computers, printers, ATM cards, routers, copiers, interactive games/entertainment systems, television set-top devices, handheld PCs, and numerous other applications.

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