July 10, 2009

Company to air new Billy Mays commercials

The president of the Media Enterprises marketing company says two new TV commercials featuring the late U.S. pitchman Billy Mays will debut soon.

Media Enterprises head Bill McAlister said Mays filmed commercials for the company's Mighty Tape and Mighty Putty Super Pack products prior to his death at the age of 50 on June 28, the Los Angeles Times said Friday.

McAlister said the two commercials will make their debut during the next two weeks. He added the decision to air the advertisements came after Mighty product sales increased by nearly 25 percent in the wake of Mays's death.

We didn't know what to anticipate, McAlister said. But we've gotten such a great response that we decided to go forward with the ads.

Attorney Roger Pliakas, who represents Mays Promotions Inc., told the Times the late pitchman would likely have wanted his final works to be seen by the public.

Billy didn't shoot the commercials for them not to air, Pliakas said. He shot commercials to roll the products out and make money for his business partners.