July 11, 2009

‘Thriller- Live’ under way, world tour due

Producer Paul Walden says the global tour of the stage production Thriller - Live should be a hit among fans of the late U.S. singer Michael Jackson.

Walden said he has received numerous questions regarding the musical production, which features the singer's solo hits and songs from his Jackson 5 career, Playbill.com reported Friday.

It seems clear that what Michael's fans want right now is to celebrate his life by continuing to listen to his music and to have a way to celebrate his legacy, Walden said. We can think of no greater tribute to the memory of this global superstar than to continue to celebrate his life and his music as we have done for the past three years in 'Thriller - Live.'

The production will start a worldwide tour this month that will include performances in Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Playbill.com said the musical about Jackson, who died June 25, is expected to begin a U.S. tour sometime in the next year.