July 11, 2009

‘Wind’ mansion will be available to lease

Culver Studios Chief Executive Officer James Cella says his studio will soon put the mansion from Gone With the Wind up for lease in Culver City, Calif.

Cella said he is confident the 15,000-square-foot mansion, featured at the start of the 1939 Oscar-winning movie about the Civil War, will attract some interest when it is up for lease starting in November, Variety.com reported Friday.

With the real estate market so unsettled, who knows, said Cella, who would not comment on the likely asking price for the southern antebellum replica mansion.

The lease plan for Tara comes as nearly 140 Sony Pictures employees are moving from the studio site to a Sony lot currently under construction, freeing up nearly 60,000 square feet of studio space.

Variety said the Culver Studios lot features 13 sound stages, bungalows, support services and production offices.