July 11, 2009

Superman creator’s home gets makeover

The Cleveland home where Superman was conceived has undergone a $70,000 renovation paid for by fans of the superhero's creator, the home's owner says.

Jefferson Gray, who owns the childhood home of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, said Siegel's fans collected money to give the two-story house a much-needed makeover, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

It just feels good to finally have something to mark the spot where Superman was (dreamed) up, Gray said.

The Journal said Siegel first began forming the beloved Superhero in 1933, a year after his father died the same day he was robbed.

After creating the concept of an all-powerful superhero with a mild-mannered alter-ego, Siegel's friend Joe Shuster helped bring the creation to life through drawings.

The pair's works ultimately led to the first Superman comic strip, published in 1938, and their superhero creation has since been featured in comic books, TV series and films.